Crystals For Better Quality Of Sleep & Avoid Nightmares

Crystals For Better Quality Of Sleep & Avoid Nightmares

   First off, it’s very important you make sure the crystals you use for sleep are purified. You can leave them overnight in a bowl of raw rice. The rice will absorb the negative energy the crystals may be holding on to. Do NOT eat this rice later, it’s spiritually contaminated. You may reuse it to cleanse other crystals during the course of the week and then compost it.

    If you don’t feel comfortable wasting food, you can alternatively burn cleansing herbs and resins like rosemary or sandalwood and expose the crystals to the cleansing smoke. Make sure a window or door is open so the smoke can carry out the negativity away from your house.

    You can keep the crystals under your pillow. If sleeping with a rock under your pillow doesn’t sound comfortable at all, you can put together a sachet with a cloth bag with some cotton to make it softer, the crystal, and perhaps a calming herb like lavender. You may also just simply leave your crystals on your nightstand and leave them to work their magic.

    If they start to look dull, remember to charge them by either burying them, so they absorb the energy of Mother Earth, or expose them to moonlight.

    Rose quartz is a very sweet, soft crystal that can help take the edge off your dreams. While you sleep, you become more receptive to the healing energy of crystals. This is so because, while you sleep, your subconscious mind is active. Your subconscious mind talks in a “language” that’s closer to that of crystals. By placing a piece of rose quartz under your bed, you subconsciously learn to be more loving and kinder to yourself. Sleeping with Rose Quartz connects you to the collective, but with a compassionate lens. Over time, you’ll find yourself gradually becoming more empathetic because of all the loving energy you receive during sleep.

    Green Aventurine is ideal when you’re grieving, sad, or so distraught you can’t fall asleep. It’s also a great option if you have anger issues – over time, it will soften the edge around your anger. Feeling lonely and can’t fall asleep? Green Aventurine feels like a warm embrace. It offers the love of a Mother, because it has the energy of Mother Earth within. It can soften nightmares centering around rejection, abandonment, or trauma.

    The most noble of the crystals we’ll discuss today is Celestite. Celestite encourages you to leave behind the archetype of the warrior and start to fight with love and empathy instead. For bedtime, it will help you become open and receptive to the restoring power of rest. Over time, it will open you up to love and help you be more vulnerable and ask for help when you need to. Celestite also has a direct line of communication with your spirit guides. Through dreams, it’ll help you channel wisdom from your spirit guides.

What crystals have you tried for sleep? Which ones are you the most excited to try next?

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